40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course
40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course 40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course 40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course 40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course

40' Jungle Trek Obstacle Course


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Product Information:

Introducing our thrilling 40ft Jungle Trek Obstacle Inflatable Rental – the ultimate adventure for your next event! This inflatable obstacle course is designed to provide hours of excitement, challenge, and fun for participants of all ages. Here's what you can expect from this fantastic inflatable:

**Key Features:**

**1. Length:** At a whopping 40 feet long, this dual-lane Jungle Trek Obstacle Course offers an epic journey filled with action-packed challenges.

**2. Dual Lanes:** Two participants can race side by side, adding a competitive edge to your event and making it perfect for friendly competitions.

**3. Challenging Squeeze Through Tubes:** Get ready to twist and turn your way through multiple challenging squeeze-through tubes. Test your agility as you navigate through these tricky obstacles.

**4. Vertical Pop-Up Obstacles:** As you progress through the course, you'll encounter vertical pop-up obstacles that will require quick thinking and nimble movements to conquer.

**5. Mini Rock Wall:** Scaling a mini rock wall is one of the highlights of this course. It offers a fun climbi ng challenge that will make participants feel like true ninjas.

**6. Slide:** After conquering all the obstacles, participants get to enjoy a thrilling slide down to the finish line. It's the perfect way to end the adventure!

**Perfect for Various Events:**

- **Backyard Parties:** Make your backyard party unforgettable with this exciting inflatable obstacle course. It's a surefire way to keep guests of all ages entertained.

- **School Functions:** Whether it's a school carnival, field day, or a special event, the 40ft Jungle TrekObstacle Inflatable will keep students engaged and active.

- **Company Picnics:** Add a dose of team-building and excitement to your company picnic. Employees can compete in friendly races and bond over the shared experience.

**Customizable Course Length:**

Want to take it to the next level? You can extend the fun by adding our 16ft Jungle Trek Climb Slide to create a colossal 74ft course! This option is perfect for larger events and serious ninja enthusiasts.


- Length: 40 feet

- Width: 11 feet

- Height: 16 feet

Safety is our priority, and this inflatable is designed with durable materials and safety features to ensure everyone has a blast while staying protected. Our professional staff will set up, supervise, and take down the inflatable, so you can focus on enjoying your event.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring this incredible 40ft Jungle Trek Obstacle Inflatable to your event. Contact us today to reserve it for your upcoming occasion and let the ninja adventures begin!

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